Clinitas 0.2% 30 x 0.5ml Vials

Clinitas 0.2% 30 x 0.5ml Vials

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Clinitas 0.2% is a gentle preservative free eyebdrop, ideal for mild-moderate dry eyes, which contains 0.2% sodium hyaluronate.


Clinitas 0.2% Vials

- 0.2% Sodium Hyaluronate

- Preservative free

- 30 x 0.5ml vials

- Reusable and Resealable for up to 12 hours

- Up to 12 drops per dropper


Ideal for...

- Mild / Moderate dry eye

- Contact lens wearers

- Dry or sore eyes caused by working at a computer, reading and other close work

- Watching TV, driving and other activities using concentration (i.e. reduces blink rate)

- Modern living - air conditioning, heating, air travel and pollution

- Tired eyes

- Dry eyes following laser surgery

- Dry eye sufferers with sensitivity to preservatives