Funky glasses holders from Optipets make the perfect back to school gift

It’s a familiar scenario for all parents of glasses-wearing young children - fumbling around in those precious few minutes of the morning when you should be getting everyone into the car for the school run, looking for your child’s glasses.  Despite your best intentions to encourage your child to put their glasses in the case when they go to bed, so they know where to find them when they wake up, most mornings still result in a frantic last minute hunt.

With the added pressure of going back to school, mornings are going to be chaotic again, so to minimise the madness in your house, why not check our range of Optipets?

These funky glasses stands come in a wide range of characters to suit children of all ages and are the perfect solution to keeping glasses somewhere safe when they are not being worn.

If you have never considered a glasses holder before, or are wondering which eye glasses holder from the Optipets range would best suit your child, please read on as we review our favourite characters:

Optipets animal glasses stands


There’s sure to be something to suit all tastes in our Optipets animal eyeglass holder range.  From the discerning owl to the cuddly penguin or adorable dog, you can take your pick from 12 different animals, all designed to be a friendly companion and keeper of glasses.  Your children will love naming their Optipet, and if they have more than one set of glasses why not consider having a family of Optipets?

Cute glasses holders


If cute is non-negotiable when it comes to buying things for your kids, then you can’t go wrong with these adorable alpaca glasses holders, available in white or brown.

Or for lovers of unicorns this is the ultimate in fantasy cuteness! Imagine waking up to this little sweetie and knowing that your glasses are where you left them? Priceless, for most parents!

Fun eyeglass holders


For active kids that love spending time outdoors or generally just climbing over everything, the perfect eyeglass holder might be this sloth from Optipets.  Available in two varieties - hanging and swinging, the sloth can help you ensure that kids keep their glasses safely on their stand when they don’t need them.

For kids who love to save


When is a glasses stand not just a glasses stand? When it is also a piggy bank!  With the Optipets Dragon Piggy Bank eyeglass stand you can not only encourage your children to keep their glasses somewhere safe, but also motivate them to save their pennies.

Optipets are not just for kids….

We also have a great range of eyeglass holder stands for older children and adults. Whether you are looking for something sporty like the rugby noses or to put your glasses on display with Optipets Window Displays eyeglass holders including the formidable toucan.

Whatever design takes your fancy, make sure you get your Optipets settled in at home before we all go back to school and you’ll never have another mad morning dash to find your child’s glasses again!