Introducing Our New Anti Fog Glasses Cloths

No Fog Anti Fog Cloths


Prior to 2020, glasses cloths were just things you used if you had them, but probably didn’t go out of your way to replace.  This year, however, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing the use of face masks in public, glasses wearers have found anti fog glasses cloths to be a must-have product!

If you wear glasses, you will be all too familiar with the fogging up of your lenses when donning a face mask.  Whilst it’s great that we can all do our bit to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by wearing a face mask when in public, it can be annoying and in some cases dangerous when you can’t see properly out of your glasses due to them becoming steamed up.

At Shop Optical we have come to the rescue of glasses wearers this year by introducing a range of anti fog glasses cloths, wipes and sprays. So now you can wear a mask and see where you are going.


How do our anti fog glasses cloths work?

Well it’s simple really, the No Fog glasses cloth provides a long-lasting anti fog effect. Simply wipe your glasses with this cloth before you venture out and they should remain fog-free for up to 8 to 12 hours after use.

The cloth measures 15x18cm, giving you plenty of coverage to clean your lenses. Best of all, you can reuse up to 200 times, that’s 200 trips to the shops, 200 taxi rides, 200 days at school or wherever you need to wear a mask.

Shop now and enjoy fog-free glasses!

Click here to buy the No Fog anti-fog lens cleaning cloth at Shop Optical, priced at just £8.99 with free UK shipping - that’s around 4 pence per use - and totally worth it.  Or you can browse our full range of anti-fogging and glasses cleaning products here.